Once again we have had a busy month, including the Easter holiday period.  As with the Christmas and New Year holiday, Surrey Heartlands worked as a system to make sure patients were able to have the access to the services they needed over the long bank holiday.  Along with the continuation of additional GP appointments over the period, the system coped well.  Learning from all the recent holiday periods and the difference working together makes, we now starting to talk about how we collectively plan and manage these busier periods across the year.

We’ve also been spending time doing a stock-take of our plans to make sure they fit with our priorities – see our longer article below. You may remember in previous newsletters we talked about our focus on the first 1000 days and the huge impact that can make on an individual’s health profile, likely to last for the rest of their life.  We are also looking more closely at what we call the ‘wider determinants of health’ and starting conversations with our wider partners on how we can work more collaboratively to consider some of the environmental factors – things like pollution, housing and so on – which have a real impact on health and wellbeing.

Finally, we’d really like to hear what you think of our newsletter – why not drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to read more about.

With best wishes,

Dr Claire Fuller