Surrey Heartlands has begun to deliver a new Diabetes Education Programme aimed at updating and improving staff awareness of the knowledge and skills needed to diagnosis, manage and treat Type Two diabetes.

For the first time we have delivered Diabetes Education Forums across Surrey Heartlands for Care Home staff. The Programme also includes staff working in Primary Care, the Community and Prisons. In response to requests, we are also providing bespoke sessions for Practice and Community Nurses.

Local speakers have delivered the education sessions which are spread across three day courses. Staff have learned about the psychology of diabetes and the importance of motivational interviewing and behaviour change.

To generate referrals to Type Two diabetes structured education programmes for patients we have held sessions to explain to staff the programmes on offer across Surrey Heartlands and the importance of encouraging people with diabetes to attend. To ensure we address diabetes across our population we have involved the Learning Disability and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) teams.

Feedback has been positive, with staff members saying they will change how they practice as a result of attending the Clinical Diabetes Education Programme. The outcome of this initiative will benefit people with diabetes because they have healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to work in with them to manage their condition.