Our devolution agreement has taken a further step forward after our proposals around dental and immunisation services, along with some specialised commissioning work, were recently approved by our regulators.

Our new agreement for these services means we will be sharing decision-making with NHS England through a ‘seat at the table’ commitment;  the statutory responsibility for decision-making will still remain with NHS England but will be done in collaboration with Surrey Heartlands meaning more say locally about these important services.

This complements the arrangements around delegated primary care commissioning (which is currently in place in North West Surrey and Guildford and Waverley, and has just been agreed for Surrey Downs).  On the ground, this means staff within the NHS England Local Office working on dental, immunisation and other areas of specialised commissioning starting to work much more closely with colleagues in the Surrey Heartlands team.

Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership is a Wave 1 Integrated Care System (ICS) with a specific devolution agreement between Surrey Heartlands, NHS England and NHS Improvement signed in June 2017 which set out the commitment of those partners to the ‘progressive implementation of devolution in Surrey Heartlands’.