Improved confidence and better collaboration are two of the benefits of the Surrey 500 system leadership development programme – according to the delegates.

The Surrey 500 is an eight-month programme, introduced by the Academy, which is bringing together leaders from across our health and care system. It started in May 2019 and delegates are reaping the benefits. We are doing a full evaluation but some early feedback from participants includes:

“Learning about other people’s careers has been very valuable and has offered insight and perspective.”

I enjoyed collaborating with different people, it was a very enjoyable development day with great facilitators.”

The most valuable area has been discussing with others how our jobs cross over and how we can collaborate more.”

“The development feedback was very enlightening and gave me confidence that my style and presence is working.”

Surrey 500 is Surrey Heartlands’ first large-scale leadership programme offering the opportunity for individuals to learn with colleagues working right across the system. The programme focuses on systems leadership rather than the traditional theories of management and leadership. Participants are working together on how to become catalysts for change and action, and the programme is based on a successful model designed in conjunction with the Fylde Coast Integrated Care Partnership, Lancashire and NHS North West Leadership Academy which achieved demonstrable system change.

“Building confidence, resilience and insight into your impact is essential in our new world of integration and collaboration. Setting up and running a collaborative leadership programme locally enables both learning and relationship building at the same time.” said Sarah Parker, Surrey Heartlands’ Director of Transformation and the Academy.

“It is an exciting opportunity for people to come together, be empowered as leaders and think across and beyond traditional organisational boundaries to achieve better outcomes for our citizens. Feedback from delegates so far is positive and we are delighted they are finding it valuable and beneficial.”