The first free food boxes containing essential supplies have been delivered in England to those at highest risk from coronavirus.

1.5m clinically vulnerable people have been advised by the NHS to stay at home for 12 weeks to be shielded from coronavirus. And 900,000 vulnerable people have received letters from the NHS giving them guidance on how to stay safe during their self-isolation.

This group, including the 17,000 vulnerable people in Surrey, have also been made aware of other steps to help them including new community hubs which aim to keep the vulnerable fed in self-isolation.

Surrey partners are working together to establish a robust system for getting help to those who are being shielded due to being identified as extremely clinically vulnerable to COVID-19.

The Surrey residents will be supported via the Surrey Community Hub which will act as the main coordination centre for food parcels where needed (prior to the national distribution starting), delivery of medicines (via community pharmacies), shopping where needed and virtual social contact for those self-isolating without family or friends.

The Surrey Community Helpline has now extended its hours to run from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.  The number is:  0300 200 1008.  Other useful information about things including waste collection, closure of recycling centres, libraries and countryside car parks etc. can be found on the Surrey County Council website’s Coronavirus pages at