Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019 was the biggest NHS-led event of the year. Held early in September at Manchester Central, it attracted around 5,000 people from the NHS, social care, local government, the third sector and the commercial sector. It focused on bringing the NHS Long Term Plan to life.

There was a huge range of speakers and activities across the two day event including Surrey Heartlands senior responsible officer Dr Claire Fuller who appeared on the Future NHS Stage where the topic was ‘Sustaining our NHS: the role of efficiency, clinical quality and productivity’. She spoke alongside Professor Nick Harding OBE, Senior Medical Advisor, NHS England for the Primary Care Integrated Care Systems and Professor Tim Briggs CBE, Chair of Getting It Right First Time and National Director of Clinical Quality and Efficiency, NHS Improvement.

Dr Fuller didn’t pull her punches when she told the audience: “The only way to improve the health of our population is uniting the full public sector spend rather than working on health in isolation. Even if we have everybody that needed help and had the best possible care, we would only ever improve their health outcomes by 20%..

“No matter how good your diabetes pathway is, if you are homeless, don’t have a job or are an alcoholic, we won’t improve your life expectancy or life experiences, unless we embrace the wider determinants of health we will never improve the health of the population.”

Other Surrey Heartlands voices heard at the event included Dr Charlotte Caniff, Clinical lead for Primary Care Transformation, sharing the Surrey Heartlands’ approach to Primary Care Network development as well as Engagement lead Richard Stockley, Heartlands Academy Executive Clinical Director Mark Hamilton, Director of Transformation and Surrey Heartlands Academy Sarah Parker and Thirza Sawtell, Director of Integrated Care at Epsom St Helier University Hospitals.