The Academy is pleased to share that its recent system work to co-produce Integrated Care System (ICS) level governance for working with industry on strategic partnerships has been successfully signed off by the ICS System Board.

We now have a route for the most common types of strategic partnerships with industry to be signed off and are embarking on a second phase of work.

This second phase is the development of a proactive, strategic approach to identifying opportunities to partner with industry. We are particularly interested in how we can bring in different skills and expertise from a wide range of industry partners, as well as investment and innovation to support our system ambitions. Alongside this, we are working closely with Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network to connect with their spread and adoption of innovation work.

Currently in the scoping phase, we are meeting with our Integrated Care Partnerships and other key stakeholders to understand their needs and ambitions. The co-design phase will begin next year. If you’d like to be involved or find out more please contact