Two Surrey Heartlands quality improvement projects have been shortlisted for funding awards by the Q Exchange, a £600,000 funding programme financed by the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement. The programme offers Q members the chance to develop project ideas and submit bids for up to £30,000 of funding.

In North West Surrey (NWS) an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) has been established. There are 11 partner organisations and 40 GP practices in the NWS ICP. Some have a process in place for building improvement capability, others do not. Initial conversations among partner organisations has identified that the workforce need support to develop improvement capacity and capability, to equip them to achieve this.

 The NWS Q Exchange team is asking for £20,887 to fund a project to equip people who work in health and care in the North West Surrey system with the skills and confidence to make improvement happen. 

 The second shortlisted project aims to co-produce solutions to the outpatient challenge with cardiovascular disease patients. This team – from Royal Surrey County Hospital and Surrey Heartlands – is seeking £27,740 to reimagine the cardiac rehab pathway to enable flow, increase uptake and influence behavioural change.

The project will explore the obstacles and reimagine the pathway to increase uptake. A British Heart Foundation report found that an increase of just 15% could lead to some 20,000 fewer deaths and around 50,000 fewer hospital admissions over 10 years in England.

Q community members have already voted to decide which Q Exchange shortlisted projects will receive funding. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at a UK-wide Q community event and via livestream on the Q website.