Peer recognition is prized so Surrey Heartlands is particularly proud after an NHS England news bulletin covered our podcast contribution on young people’s mental health and recognised our latest Patient Story video.

The first mention was for participation in a new podcast marking Mental Health Awareness Week. Clinicians and system leaders – including Dave Hill, Executive Director for Children, Families and Learning from Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board –   shed light on work already underway in Surrey Heartlands, Greater Manchester and South West London.

With half of all mental health problems established by the age of 14, the NHS Long Term Plan commits to embedding mental health support for children and young people in schools and colleges.

Working closely with young people and community partners, Surrey Heartlands and the other health and care partnerships are bringing more support into schools and placing a strong focus on prevention. You can hear the podcast here.

Our second appearance was for our latest Patient Story video which features Joan Perou who cares for her husband Edward. He has a number of conditions including Parkinson’s disease and a related form of dementia. Initially, Edward and Joan were doing the rounds, repeating their history at appointment after appointment. But thanks to new ways of working across Surrey Heartlands, access to almost all the health and social care professionals they need is available in one place. In this short film, Joan discusses what difference the Ashford Locality Hub has made to her life and that of her husband. Watch the video here.