Surrey Care Record

A local digital shared care record for health and care professionals across Surrey Heartlands

The Surrey Care Record allows for the secure sharing of patient data between authorised health and care professionals for the purposes of delivering safer, quicker, more personalised and more coordinated local health and care services.

It will avoid the need for people to re-tell their care journey to each new care provider as data can be securely and appropriately available to relevant care professionals allowing them to deliver joined-up and informed care services.

By using secure electronic systems, patient information is held and shared more safely than the traditional methods of letters, forms, faxes and phone calls. By “going digital” in how we share people’s information, we can improve the safety and accuracy of information used by local care services.

For more information on how organisations use this information for the delivery of care, please view our Privacy Notice here.

The Surrey Care Record is also contributing to the wider health and care strategy across the wider Thames Valley & Surrey region, which will eventually lead to improved cross-border sharing of information, joining up health and care services people receive outside of their local area. For more information, please visit their website here.


If you have any further queries on the Surrey Care Record, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here. If your questions do not appear there, email us at We will answer them and also ensure those that qualify are added to the list.

If you wish to object to your patient data being shared with other health and care partners for your direct care, you must raise this request at your registered GP Practice. For more guidance in this area, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

“The Surrey Care Record brings Surrey into the digital 21st century. It means care will be able to flow between organisations and people will only have to tell their story once.  All access to the Surrey Care Record is subject to review and approval to ensure all access remains appropriate and will support the direct care of individuals.”

Dr. Andrew Sharpe
GP Lead for the Surrey Care Record
Chief Clinical Information Officer for Surrey Heartlands