We can do more to improve patients experiences

The Surrey Digital Roadmap is the strategy plan for the Surrey Heartlands digital workstream to deliver against three core objectives: 

  • establishing the governance and resources that will support and deliver this roadmap
  • driving digital transformation
  • optimising IM&T (information management and technology) across Surrey Heartlands.

The Surrey Heartlands commitment to a digital future is to utilise digital technologies as enablers to complement existing practices of physical, social and mental health care delivery. Additionally, through embracing open innovation procedures we will seek to define new ways of delivering services by using and developing technologies that are appropriate to need.

One area for consideration is a plan in development to introduce an Integrated Digital Care Record for the Surrey Heartlands population. This could mean patients only having to tell their story once as every clinician they need to see locally will be able to access their medical history. Once there are some proposals we will discuss them with patients and the public.

Experience-based co-design will enable Surrey citizens to meaningfully engage with digital solutions as we strive to promote more autonomy and empower our citizens to take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing.