Mental Health

Surrey Heartlands Mental Health Programme

We are promoting health, wellbeing and resilience by connecting mind and body, families, communities and organisations.

The Surrey Heartlands population of 850,000 has relatively good mental health compared with the England average. However, we know from our needs profile and what people have told us that there are a number of gaps we need to address:

Resource Gap

Surrey Heartlands is below the national average spend on mental health and needs to increase its workforce.


Prevention Gap

Addressing stigma and social determinants are crucial for improving our health and wellbeing. Increasing people’s awareness and understanding on how to look after mental health will increase early identification.

Access Gap

There are many more people with mental health needs in our area than diagnosed or receiving treatment. People find the services fragmented and want easier access with greater service co-ordination.

Integration Gap

One in three people seeing their GP require support for their mental health. We have a large and growing population who are over 75 years of age. We need to integrate and increase mental health provision with primary care and support people with co-morbidity.

Life Gap

On average men with severe mental illness die 22 years younger than other men and women die 16 years younger than other women in Surrey Heartlands. Surrey Heartlands shares the national ambition of zero suicide and will put in place pans to reduce the current rate.

Independent Mental Health Network

If you have experience of mental ill health, or care for someone who has, then you can join the Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN). It’s free to join and new members are welcome. The IMHN works with commissioners and service providers to improve services.  You can keep up to date with its work via Facebook and Twitter.