Getting the most from medicines

Medicines Optimisation projects involve collaborative work with patients, all pharmacy specialists and other health and social care professionals to ensure prescribing is high quality, safe and good value.      

Getting the best outcomes for patients, and for the NHS from treatment is becoming increasingly important as our ageing population means more people have complex co-occurring diseases, known as multi-morbidities. For example, a person could have diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure.

Some of the difficulties experienced by patients include managing multiple medications. The NHS spends £17.4 billion a year on medicines but up to half of medicines prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as intended, and around 5 to 8% of hospital admissions are medicines-related.   Many of these are preventable.                                           


Meds optimisation

Our vision in Surrey Heartlands is to work together with the people of Surrey Heartlands to get the best outcomes from medicines with the following high level aims:

  • Providing high quality medicine related care for those who need it, in the right place, at the right time, by the right person.
  • Working innovatively and in partnership across our services to better serve the population.
  • Making Surrey Heartlands the best place to work (for the pharmacy workforce). 

How we are doing this:

  • Leadership – We are defining functions of leadership for NHS pharmacy and medicines that should be undertaken at system level to ensure services provided across Surrey Heartlands are as effective and efficient as can be
  • Workforce – We are exploring approaches to developing an integrated, flexible, clinical pharmacy workforce that can deliver high quality and sustainable medicines optimisation at scale across a local system
  • Priorities – We have identified areas for transformation of systems in order to deliver best patient outcomes from medicines, and value to the taxpayer

In this video senior members of the Pharmacy leadership team talk about the aims of programme to Integrate Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation across Surrey Heartlands.