Patient Stories

Welcome to our Patient Stories page. Over time we plan to build a library of short videos here illustrating how the work that Surrey Heartlands is doing as an Integrated Care System (ICS) – alongside the three Integrated Care Partnerships operating in our area – to deliver improved outcomes in health and social care through our plan to integrate provision of services. If that sounds a little too complicated, just listen to what these people, your neighbours, have to say about their experiences of integrated health and social care.

Integrated Care in Action Videos 

Discover how the GPimhs (General Practice Integrated Mental Health Service) in Surrey is bringing expert advice and guidance for mental health into GP (General Practitioner) practices and connecting people with services and support they need in the community.

Carers are vital in supporting people of all ages. In this film, we hear more about how organisations in the Surrey Heartlands system are working together to offer carers some support in return.

The Children Together project in four Woking practices is seeing hospital consultants hold joint consultations with their GP colleagues, meaning more convenience for patients and the chance for staff to share knowledge and advice.

Learn how the Surrey Heartlands’ partnership between the NHS, Surrey County Council and the Surrey Football Association is bringing mobile health checks to match days in the county’s over 50s walking football league.

Psychotherapists and maternity staff are working together on neonatal intensive care units in Surrey to better support parents of babies who are born prematurely or who are very poorly, and to improve their baby’s development.

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