A new service has launched which aims to help families in Surrey lead a healthier lifestyle by watching what they eat and how active they are.

‘Be Your Best’ aims to help the parents of those under 12 who are struggling with their weight. Run by Active Surrey in partnership with Children & Family Health Surrey and the University of Surrey, the programme will be rolled out across the county borough by borough.

National Child Measurement Programme data for Surrey shows that while better than the national average, 16.5% of children in Reception are overweight or obese, meaning that one in six start school overweight. By Year 6 as they move to secondary school this figure rises to more than one in four.

A comprehensive programme of support involving visits from specialist nurses along with group workshops will be offered to selected families whose young children have a high BMI for their age.

For more information on the service, check out the new ‘Be Your Best’ Surrey website here.