Nikki Smith is on a mission to make medicines use safer for the people of Surrey. As Patient Safety Lead for Medicines for Surrey Heartlands and a pharmacist by background, she knows how important it is to support Surrey Heartlands partner organisations working to achieve this and is leading the Surrey Heartlands Medicines Safety Programme.

Nikki says “Medicines use is one of the most common interventions in modern healthcare, but using a medicine is a balance between benefits and risks.  Medicines have the potential to be a source of serious harm, and errors can occur at any part of the medicine process.  This harm can be avoided through positive change to strengthen medicines systems and processes”. 

As part of the programme Nikki is keen to understand staff views on medicines safety and in particular the culture within partner organisations across Surrey Heartlands.  To capture those views she has produced a Medicines Safety Culture Survey asking for views, of those who handle medicines, about the medicines safety culture in their organisation.  The closing date for the Medicines Safety Survey is 6th August 2020.

The survey has been shared with all partners in Surrey Heartlands. If you handle medicines, work for a partner organisation and have not seen the survey yet, please email Nikki or  phone her on 07500 606792.