From early in 2019 pregnant women will be able to get advice from midwives at the Surrey Heartlands Maternity Advice Line by email as well as by telephone.  All emails from women and their families will get a personalised response from a midwife on duty within 24 hours. The service is for women under the care of Royal Surrey, Ashford and St Peter’s and Epsom and St Helier Hospitals.

“We delighted to be able to expand the Maternity Advice Line to include contact by email as we know pregnant women want to be able to get personalised advice in different ways. If a pregnant woman has an urgent issue or is in labour, we’re asking her to continue to phone the Advice Line, but with any other question, she can choose to phone or email us,” said Vicky Williams, Head of Commissioning Acute Paediatrics and Maternity for Surrey Heartlands.

“As we’re a 24 hour service, women and their families can call us at any time. We regularly get calls from new parents in the early hours of the morning with queries about feeding, as well as calls from women in labour. However, as the midwives take fewer calls overnight; this will be an ideal time to reply to any pregnancy-related emails,” added Vicky.

In the meantime, The Advice Line number is 0300 123 5473. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week