More than 100 people from all parts of the local health system attended an event and heard presentations focusing on how organisations in Surrey Heartlands are manging population health and what we are doing over the next year to improve the way we do it.


Pictured: Bevleigh Evans, Head of Care Model Design at NHS England, introduces population health management at the event

Surrey Heartlands Academy held the event on 10 May to look at population health management which means using a full understanding of the local population, and the wider evidence-base, to influence decision-making by individuals and organisations in order to prevent disease, improve population health and wellbeing, reduce variation and manage demand for public services.

Speakers from outside Heartlands also gave examples of how population health management approaches being used to shape the future of care elsewhere in England and beyond. Feedback from the event suggested it was helpful in to building a shared understanding of population health management in Surrey Heartlands and in inspiring further local work.

As a follow up to the event, NHS England national and local leads on population health management are visiting Surrey Heartlands on the 5th June to assess our capability in this area. The sessions held on this day will help refine the new NHS England population health management maturity matrix and influence how the area is defined nationally when the matrix is rolled out across other Integrated Care Systems later in the year.

The sessions will also help NHS England and the Academy understand the work currently underway and any support needs, informing future planning and the development of local infrastructure that will feed data related to population health into the three Integrated Care Partnerships.