Executive Clinical Director for the Academy, Mark Hamilton, was recently invited to lead a round-table conversation on our quality improvement journey at a masterclass on Embedding Quality Improvement in Large Scale Transformation.

In partnership with King’s Fund, NHSE and NHSI ran two of these masterclasses in Leeds and London. Professor Don Berwick was the lead presenter and reminded delegates that, at its heart, quality improvement was not complicated but was highly effective at driving change and building a culture of joy in work.

Mark Hamilton shared Surrey Heartlands’ aspirations to develop a quality management system building on the excellent improvement work within the partner organisations.

Of particular interest to those attending was our aim to integrate the different improvement approaches rather than adopt a specific methodology. The other table conversations included presentations on using a quality improvement approach to reduce the number of out-of-area mental health beds in the Huddersfield system, and developing a new community-led model of care in Cheshire and Merseyside, using a driver diagram to identify and capture their theory of change and so drive their action planning.

Our Innovation work in partnership with the KSS AHSN continues and in particular we are working together to develop the programme plans for making the Health Technology Accelerator a reality. The refurbishment of space at University of Surrey will allow Surrey Heartlands’ workforce and Small and Medium Enterprises developing health technology products to work together on Surrey Heartlands’ priorities and bring them to market more quickly.

The Academy is also supporting the development of a system-wide clinical community to focus on three key areas that require system clinical engagement. These include the repurposing of the Surrey Priorities Committee to a system-wide body with a focus on clinical effectiveness and achieving system clinical outcomes through evidence-based reviews and policy making; the implementation of the KSS Applied Research Collaborative; and the implementation of a Health Technology Accelerator. There was agreement to move forward to support all three areas and the Academy will be setting up meetings in the New Year to develop this clinical community further.