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Surrey Heartlands Diagnostic Services Endoscopy Pre-Market Engagement Session

Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS) held a pre- market engagement event for an Endoscopy Diagnostics Centre / Services Solution on 30 July 2020 via the Microsoft Teams platform. The aims for the market engagement event were:

  • To outline and discuss the challenges faced by Surrey Heartlands ICS with regards to diagnostic capacity – specifically Endoscopy
  • To gain a better understanding from the provider market about potential solutions and best practice examples that will inform the development of a series of options and next steps.

Jack Wagstaff, Managing Director, North West Surrey Integrated Care Partnership and Rachael Graham, Deputy Director of Contracts Surrey Heartlands CCG, hosted the meeting on behalf of Surrey Heartlands ICS outlining the challenges faced with regards to diagnostic capacity – specifically endoscopy. The event included a number of break-out sessions. All detail can be obtained from the presentation.

Prior to COVID-19, three factors at a strategic level influenced the capacity requirement for Endoscopy services in Surrey Heartlands:

  • An ageing population with more complex needs
  • Greater emphasis on surveillance
  • Challenging workforce environment.

COVID-19 has placed additional pressure on the services provided across Surrey Heartlands both in terms of the delivery, but also in terms of the current and future demand environment.  Presently Primary Care in Surrey Heartlands is referring approximately 65% of the pre COVID-19 volumes of patients for endoscopies. Surrey Heartlands is currently quantifying the latent demand and modelling how and when activity will return to pre COVID-19 levels – regardless the expectation from clinicians is that there will be a significant backlog across all types of modality and caseload but specifically routine and surveillance.

Surrey Heartlands is addressing capacity in two distinct phases:

  • Short Term – to ensure sufficient capacity to recover and restore the provision of endoscopy services
  • Medium / Longer Term – to support the provision of endoscopy services in a way that mitigates the increased levels of demand and complexity both in terms of the changing patient demographic and the national landscape.

Several questions were discussed during the event and you can read a summary of the feedback and review the presentation here.  

Attendee List

Permission has been sought from the organisations on the list to share their details for networking purposes.

Next Steps

A multi-disciplinary team of Surrey Heartlands ICS representatives will review feedback and learning to prepare an options appraisal recommending next steps. Thanks to all the participants for their generosity in sharing ideas and potential solutions with us. The market will be kept informed of future procurement activity in due course.