Citizen ambassadors

The Citizen Ambassador programme was commissioned by Surrey Heartlands in September 2017 and is led by Healthwatch Surrey.

An aim of the programme is to maximise the representation of different citizen voices by engaging and involving people who do not already consistently engage in service change within the NHS.

The Citizen Ambassadors act as the independent voice bringing insight from local people and communities.

Meet our Citizen Ambassadors:




Lucy Browne
Lucy BrowneWomen and Children
Non Hill
Non HillDigital
Erin Whitehouse
Erin WhitehousePrevention
Michael Frean
Michael FreanMental Health
Angela Garland
Angela GarlandCancer

“The Citizen Ambassadors introduced by Surrey Heartlands are helping ensure that more local people, particularly those hardest to reach, have an independent voice in some of the big decisions about the future of health and care in the county.

This is a brilliant model and one it would be great to see replicated elsewhere in the country.” 

Jane Mordue, Former Chair of Healthwatch England