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We want to make sure residents, patients and staff have an opportunity to shape our plans and that we have a true understanding of what people feel is important.

Our Citizen-led Engagement approach has been nationally recognised and through it Surrey Heartlands offers its population the opportunity to co-design health and social care service improvements. We began this work with in-depth piece of research with 1,500 local residents on their perceptions and expectations from local health and care services. The results are really interesting and have provided us with a solid building block to help inform our more detailed engagement programmes.

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Alongside this, we established a residents’ panel as an additional way to involve people across the county via regular online surveys on a range of subjects relating to health, social care and other interconnected public services. We are using this insight alongside other sources of information and you can see the results of these surveys.

Survey Results

Find out more about our unique approach here.

Other ways to get involved

  • If there’s something you think would improve health and/or social care in Surrey Heartlands, we’d love to hear it. Send your comments/ideas to us
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  • Joining a Patient and Public Involvement Group at your local GP practice or Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Joining workstream planning meetings to share your views and help shape our plans

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