Future Focused Finance is an NHS initiative to enable NHS finance professionals to influence decision making in support of high-quality patient services. It also operates Best Possible Value (BPV), an online repository of value-oriented tools, data sources and case studies.

 A case study on how we developed our Investment Framework has now been published on the BPV website.

Devolution is establishing Surrey Heartlands as an integrated and devolved health and care system. In June 2017 a trilateral agreement was signed between the Surrey Heartlands health and care commissioners, NHS England and NHS Improvement. Under this agreement the responsibility for allocating resources lies with the new joint arrangements. This includes deployment of transformation funds within Surrey Heartlands.

These funds totalled £15m in our devolution ‘shadow year’ 2017/18, of which £6m is invested in support of national priorities and the balance of £9m is invested in line with Surrey Heartlands’ priorities.

Surrey Heartlands needed quickly to develop a methodology to deploy a local Investment Framework approved by NHS England and to use the Framework to develop and assess investment opportunities to allocate transformation funding appropriately.

The Best Possible Value case study demonstrates how Surrey Heartlands has developed an understanding and experience of applying its local Investment Framework, underpinned by the Best Possible Value principles.