Working with Healthwatch Surrey, we are developing a new way to support local people getting involved in the redesign of our health and care services.

HealthWatch Surrey is an independent organisation that gives the people of Surrey a voice to improve, shape and get the best from their health and social care services. They aim to do this by being an independent consumer champion ensuring that the voices of people in Surrey reach the ears of the decision makers.

The citizen engagement and insight team has been working closely with HealthWatch Surrey to develop through citizen representatives a source of increased understanding of community priorities and perceptions.

These community ambassadors will be supported by HealthWatch so as to provide a level of independence. They will help to provide Surrey Heartlands with insights that can provide a much broader grass roots element to our social research and co-design work that will be completely user-focused.

It is planned for all six of these ambassadors to be in place by mid-January. For more information contact us.