Current Staff

Are you a current employee of the NHS looking to develop your career or looking for a change of direction? There are many opportunities available for you with a team dedicated to support you through this journey.

What about our apprenticeship offer?

Our partner organisations offer existing staff a range of apprenticeship options across health and social care to help you to develop your knowledge and skills and progress in your career. Find out more about our apprenticeships.

Development Opportunities

Surrey Heartlands has a workforce team committed to supporting you and are developing a range of leadership programmes and apprenticeship opportunities with you in mind. Find out more about these development opportunities.

Training and Education

Further development courses can be accessed via our partner organisation at CEPN.


We’re working in partnership with our health and social care organisations to enable staff to move more easily from one NHS employer to another. If you are looking to progress your career, within Surrey Heartlands, and have found an opportunity within another organisation, it may be easier than you think. We are looking to support you by eliminating unnecessary duplication and valuing your time as individuals. Find out more on streamlining.