Surrey Heartlands has been awarded an additional £370,000 by NHS England to improve the management of medicines for residents of care homes.

This is part of a national programme to fund an additional 240 new posts for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for two years, and 600 places on a specially tailored training programme which is also open to existing pharmacy teams.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working with their health and social care colleagues and care homes staff, patients and their families, can provide real benefits for care home residents including:

  • Optimising medicines (i.e. stopping inappropriate or unsafe medicines, and ensuring medicines add value an individual’s health and well-being)
  • Patient centred care (shared decision making about which medicines care home residents take and stop)
  • Creating better medicines systems for care homes to reduce waste and inefficiency
  • Training and supporting care home staff to enhance safer administration of medicines.

Meaning an improvement in care and quality of life for residents. 

Because Surrey Heartlands has already been designated as one of the ten Integrated Care Systems nationally, we have been able to receive this money directly without having to go through a formal application process as other systems have across the country.  This means we can get on with improving care for care homes residents quickly, and hope to have these new posts in place by the end of June.