The Academy is an enabler which supports clinicians and integrated care partners to deliver high quality outcomes by reducing unwarranted variation. It adopts and spreads innovation and best practice and works beyond organisational boundaries to liberate solutions that will improve outcomes in health and social care. We are supported in this work by the Kent, Surrey, Sussex Academic Health Science Network.

The Academy

Key Deliverables

The work of the Surrey Heartlands Academy is focused on these areas:






Our current project areas:

Improving quality and patient safety by bringing together all of the quality improvement teams across Surrey Heartlands under the Surrey Improvers Network so they can work better together and make the most of the diversity of improvement approaches across the partnership.

The Surrey Office of Data Analytics (SODA) enables information to be shared to drive transformational change through the ability to use analytics to give broader insights. SODA is working to embed the use of population health analytics throughout Surrey Heartlands to drive change and service improvement.

An eight month system leadership programme to bring together 500 leaders from across the health and care system, including community partners, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Strengthening the heart of Surrey Heartlands by connecting the system-wide workforce to each other and the work in hand, giving space for knowledge and ideas to be developed and exchanged and showcasing initiatives to enable us to learn from each other.

Maintaining the leading edge by underpinning our work with innovation, research and commercial development.

A  joint 20-week project between NHS England and Surrey Heartlands to support four Primary Care Networks to improve health outcomes for their patient population using data analysis to drive service change.

Making it easy for companies to partner with Surrey Heartlands.

Partnering with the University of Surrey’s clinical academic group

Eight Forum events each year bring workstreams together to work collaboratively to address issues and facilitate development, and our quarterly Connection Conferences showcase best practice and innovation and widen awareness of work across Surrey Heartlands and beyond.

Academy Achievements

Since the Academy’s launch in May 2017, key activity has included:

Each has been attended by clinical leads along with strategists, programme managers, work stream programme boards, Darzi fellows and some members of the public. The aim is to bring work streams together to work collaboratively to address issues, facilitate training and development and to be supported in setting clinical outcomes.

For key partners and stakeholders to showcase best practice and innovation and widen awareness of work across Surrey Heartlands. Events so far have showcased Digital Work and Quality Improvement.

An annual conference to bring together the best of industry and health and social care from across Surrey to discuss how to drive innovation through transformation work and to showcase improvement and innovation across Surrey Heartlands. More than 300 people attended the first event at Sandown Park in March 2018.

Advising those working across Surrey Heartlands on engagement with health and care practitioners, and an Evaluation Strategy to describe how the impact of work will be evaluated

To develop Surrey Heartlands as a Quality Improvement system, carrying out diagnostics by assessing quality improvement capability across all the sites in the partnership.

Resulting in 26 pledges being made to help make prevention everyone’s business.

In logic modelling so they can identify and map out the resources and activities needed to make change happen and achieve specific outcomes for improving health.

For example with the distribution of more than 100 mobile heart rate devices to patient group stakeholders to be used by volunteers in GP Practices waiting rooms

Surrey county council and NHS provider and community trusts for ‘Hackathon’ events to look at how data can be better used to identify and target specific groups of citizens for health and care improvement. The first of these was for Cardiovascular disease; the next one is for Primary Care Homes, with the final one concentrating on Children’s Services.

To connect analytics and business intelligence expertise from across the partnership to help with planning services, providing real-time data to support decision-making for care and looking at reducing unwarranted variation

A maturity test to see how ready a health and care system is to use digital technology. Two Listening Workshops engaged 45 members of the public, researchers and health and care practitioners and also helped shape the Digital Strategy.

Who to contact

The Academy team offers a wide range of support to colleagues across Surrey Heartlands. Please feel free to contact any of our team for more information and advice.

Academy events – Lisa Mardell


Commercial Development opportunities – Heather Bokota


Multi-Professional Reference Panels – Sreya Pokhali


Project Evaluation – Negin Sarafraz-Shekary


Quality Improvement – Heather Bokota