Our journey so far

Established in 2017, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership became one of the first Integrated Care Systems in England. This is largely due to the strength of our collective vision and willingness, across health and care, to work together to serve our citizens.

Instead of working as separate organisations, we have come together to understand how we can improve outcomes for our citizens, taking a holistic approach that considers all aspects of a person’s life – and not just health.

A significant focus for us is on thinking about the wider determinants of health and reducing health inequalities – so how we work across traditional boundaries, and how we work with citizens and communities to manage their health and care – not just when they are ill or in need, but as a whole life focus.

Surrey Heartlands ICS is at a critical stage of its development, having now made significant progress since its conception with consolidating ambitions, strengthening relationships, and establishing the benefits of both local and ‘at-scale’ working across health and care.

The creation of statutory ICSs is an opportunity to build on the collaborative working that has been a key feature of our pandemic response and will continue to be so as we restore services and get on with improving the health of our local communities.