A unique and ground-breaking plan to integrate health and social care

Surrey Heartlands is known as an ‘Integrated Care System’ – a more evolved partnership where health and local Government are taking a collective responsibility for health and social care. There are currently just ten integrated care systems across England. 

Through our unique devolution agreement, we will have greater control over budgets and accountability of the decisions we make locally giving us a real opportunity to maximise benefits for local people.
Our ground-breaking agreement outlines how partners will work together to improve the health outcomes of the 850,000 people living in Surrey Heartlands. It also means more local accountability for the spending of health and social care budgets.

Developing our Devolution

Surrey Heartlands is taking the next step in our journey towards being a fully devolved health and social care system; we and our regulators have now agreed new ways of working for dental, immunisation services and some specialised commissioning work.

Our new agreement for these services means we will be sharing decision-making with NHS England through a ‘seat at the table’ commitment. While the statutory responsibility for decision-making will remain with NHS England, it will be done in full collaboration with Surrey Heartlands meaning more say locally about these important services.

Our Devolution journey is:

  • Accelerating the integration of health and social care through much closer working between partners

  • Increasing public engagement and the involvement of the people of Surrey Heartlands around the transformation of health and social care

  • Increasing local decision-making and flexibilities to achieve the best possible outcomes for the local population

This complements the arrangements around delegated primary care commissioning (which is currently in place in North West Surrey and Guildford and Waverley, and has just been agreed for Surrey Downs).  On the ground, this means staff within the NHS England Local Office working on dental, immunisation and other areas of specialised commissioning starting to work much more closely with colleagues in the Surrey Heartlands team.

Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership is a Wave 1 Integrated Care System (ICS) with a specific devolution agreement between Surrey Heartlands, NHS England and NHS Improvement signed in June 2017 which set out the commitment of those partners to the ‘progressive implementation of devolution in Surrey Heartlands.

For more information please contact the Surrey Heartlands communications team at or use the Contact Us link below.

Read the Surrey Heartlands Devolution Trilateral Agreement