About us

Surrey Heartlands is a partnership of health and care organisations working together – with staff, patients, their carers, families, and members of the public – to transform local services and support people to live healthier lives by delivering integrated care.

Essentially integrated care is about giving people the support they need, joined up across public services and other partners such as the voluntary sector. 

The four overarching aims are to:

  • improve outcomes in population health and healthcare
  • tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access
  • enhance productivity and value for money
  • help the NHS support broader social and economic development.

As a partnership, we want to create a health and care system that values the role of the local community, as well as organisations, and enables people to take more control of their health and wellbeing, with easy access to high-quality care when it’s needed.

With a focus on prevention and support that’s targeted where it’s most needed, we will reduce the unfairness some people experience in accessing care, so nobody is left behind.  At the same time, we want to take advantage of what we have in Surrey to pursue innovation with business, public sector partners and communities, joining up services for residents and developing digital technologies to create smarter ways of managing health and accessing support.

Until now however, ICSs have been informal partnerships with no legal remit, making decision-making difficult.  New legislation – via the Health and Care Bill, currently making its way through Parliament – will put ICSs onto a statutory footing removing legal barriers to integrated care and helping create the right conditions for local partnerships to thrive.

We are now working to develop our system to become a statutory ICS from 1st July 2022. 

Each ICS will have an Integrated Care Board (ICB) responsible for NHS and wider integration, and an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) responsible for promoting health, care, and wellbeing. Each ICS will also comprise partnerships at place level and joint arrangements at locality level through primary care networks (PCNs). 

This is a new and exciting way of working, creating a genuine partnership that will make a positive difference to local people and help join up health and social care.

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You can read more about our partnership in our short leaflet.

The video below shows some real examples of the progress we have made.