In a year where so much has changed, we’ve never been more aware of the need to support people with their mental health, prevent crisis and work together as a system to help prevent suicides.

Surrey County Council and Grassroots have developed the Stay Alive app, a suicide prevention resource on phones that offers support and a range of useful features including:

–        quick access to crisis support helplines and local services

–        a safety plan (with safety contacts) that can be filled out by someone considering suicide

–        a LifeBox where someone can upload photos that remind them of their reasons to stay alive

–        strategies for staying safe

–        and a wellness plan to support recovery.

The Zero Suicide Alliance – a collaboration of NHS trusts, charities and businesses – has also developed free online suicide training. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and provides the skills and awareness to recognise when someone is contemplating taking their own life and what you can do to help.