£400,000 funding boost to improve urgent & emergency careWe’ve recently secured £400,000 in new funding to improve Urgent and Emergency Care services across Surrey Heartlands.

This funding will be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Urgent and Emergency Care services across the area by developing greater shared responsibility between service providers and allowing them to work together more closely.

Right now it’s a confusing landscape for patients with many ways to access urgent or emergency care which – leaving aside 999 and hospital accident and emergency departments –  includes two walk-in centres,  one minor injuries unit and one GP led urgent care centre. In addition there is a wide variation in treatment pathways.

Surrey Heartlands Programme Director for Urgent and Emergency, Out of Hospital and Primary Care Claire Steward said: “We are planning to deliver a single region-wide operating model, providing urgent and emergency care services for people of all ages with physical and mental health problems, as well as improving out-of-hospital services so that we deliver more care closer to home and reduce hospital attendances and admissions.

“We are delighted to receive this one-off extra funding which will enable us to put in place a Surrey Heartlands urgent and emergency care data tool that captures information on the movement of patients through our system in real time.

“This data can be shared between organisations and will enable us to respond faster in peak times, support our ambitions to be open and transparent across our healthcare partners, develop a culture of shared responsibility and improve efficiency through working together.”

Another benefit of introducing the new way of delivering urgent and emergency care is that it will accelerate the formation and development of alliances between urgent and emergency care service providers across Surrey Heartland