A major advantage of devolution is local control of the £80 million of transformation funds that are allocated to Surrey Heartlands over the next five years – including £15 million in this financial year 2017/18 – which is really exciting.

£6 million of this is already committed to national initiatives including diabetes (£1.8 million), primary care (£1.6 million), “Better Births” (£0.5 million) and urgent and emergency care (£0.5 million), which means we have £9 million we can allocate to new schemes and innovations. 

Across the system we have developed an ‘investment framework’ which allows teams to bid for funding for projects that support our overall priorities, and which are evaluated and prioritised against strict criteria.  This is really exciting and means we can start making a difference right now.

We have already committed £2 million of this to meet winter demands (see our separate article on winter), with another £2 million planned to be used to support transformation in Out of Hospital Care projects.

Further examples include include the following, with more to follow across the system:

Chief Midwife for Surrey Heartlands.  Via our Better Births programme we want to transform maternity services across Surrey Heartlands introducing a new, single community midwifery team and shared home birthing team across the area.  Transformation funding now means we can appoint a Chief Midwife, initially for two years, to lead this transformation across both hospital and community settings. 

Frailty Programme – building on work to date in the Guildford and Waverley area, £90,000 of transformation funding will support recruitment of Frailty Team (clinical leaders and a Programme manager) to develop a local Frailty strategy and ensure an investment plan is put in place for ongoing support.   The team will engage with stakeholders in the system and secure best practice ideas looking in particular at improved hospital admission avoidance and enhanced hospital discharge in line with our overall priorities for Out of Hospital care. The work undertaken within Guildford and Waverley will be shared with Surrey Heartlands partner organisations.

Supporting health and care integration – just over £150,000 of transformation funding will allow a number of current pilot projects focused on supporting the integration of health and social care in the Surrey Downs area to be extended.

  Targets for the next phase include:

  • The shift to proactive planned care and prevention, including the role and support of carers. This aligns with the proactive focus that the North West Surrey and Guildford & Waverley CCGs have taken;
  • Preventing avoidable admissions and unnecessary A&E attendances for both working age adults and complex frail elderly patients;
  • Further integration with mental health and dementia;
  • With Surrey County Council Adult Social Care as strategic partners, there will be detailed evaluation of the Surrey Downs models to identify and share practice that has the most impact for improving outcomes for individuals and benefits to the whole health and care system.