The Surrey Heartlands Academy launched nearly two years ago as a virtual network to support clinicians to adopt, share and evaluate innovation, research and best practice. It was the first of its kind at NHS partnership level and is supported by the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network. It aims to:

  • Reduce clinical variation and standardise practice so that Surrey Heartlands citizens can expect the same levels of care and outcomes no matter where they live
  • Help to create and establish a culture and environment for generating ideas and then putting them into practice to benefit the Surrey Heartlands’ population
  • Share best practice and test and evaluate innovation
  • Support clinical work streams to design financially sustainable pathways
  • Facilitate training and development opportunities.

The Academy’s activities are focused on five key areas:

  1. Clinical Leadership: including the creation of clinical networks, supporting personal and system development and developing system leadership skills
  2. Clinical and Professional Engagement: including the development of a clinical engagement strategy, supporting meaningful engagement with work streams through the development of clinical & professional reference panels and ambassadors, facilitating collaborative events and forums.
  3. Knowledge Management: including conducting research where evidence is lacking, optimising digital technologies in clinical systems, providing population analytics and signposting colleagues to resources and expertise
  4. Quality Improvement: including supporting the spread and adoption of best practice, developing quality improvement capability and capacity, activating change through enabling digital technologies and supporting health economics evaluation
  5. Innovation and Research: including facilitating ideas generation and research, using digital technology to shift care closer to home and facilitating peer-to-peer learning.