In response to MIND’s news release issued on 15th May highlighting inconsistencies in mental health spending across England, the following statement describes how we are responding to the NHS Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and in particular how we are prioritising and transforming mental health services for our local population.

“Mental health is a key priority for Surrey Heartlands and we are committed to putting services and support in place for patients with mental health needs. We will continue to develop and improve access and availability to mental health services for our local population based on the NHS Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and NHS Long Term Plan, including the commitment to increase mental health spending. It is difficult to comment on the comparison with other STPs as there is some degree of variation in what is categorised as Mental Health spend in different areas. Surrey Heartlands as an Integrated Care System has made significant investment in Mental Health through Transformation funding in 2018/19 and similar plans are in place for 2019/20. 

We have also set out our ambition for improving Children and Young People’s Mental Health in our Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy which was published in March 2019 and embarked on a transformation programme to improve our services based on strengthening early intervention, prevention and resilience.

Across Surrey Heartlands we have reached the mental health investment standards and increased investment year-on year. Investment in 2019/2020 includes:

  • A single point of access for professionals and patients to provide support and advice, available 24/7.
  • Perinatal Mental Health services for families.
  • Integration with physical health services so that people with mental health needs have access to medical care as required.
  • Increased provision of mental health services in hospitals.
  • Increase in Improving Access to Psychology Therapies workforce
  • Annual Health Checks for patients with Serious Mental Health Illness

We would like to recognise the work of all stakeholders, including the voluntary sector and local authority. It is significant that SABP, the main provider of mental health care services in the county has recently achieved a CQC rating of ‘Good’ in the 10 services that were inspected.”


Notes to Editors:

The Mental Health Spend for Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (per head) as published in 2018/19 was given as £124.48.

However, the ICS actually spent £130.36 (per head) in 2018/19 if services that are not considered ‘actual costs’ are included. This figure highlights what was actually
spent. The ICS was awarded additional funding during the year and as a result we were able to spend more than we had planned.

The Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Interim Plan, Mental Health Continuing Health Care and Learning Disability Continuing Health Care is not included in the published Mental Health Spend for 2018/19.

If this spend is included Surrey Heartlands ICS spent £144.58 (per head) in the past financial year