NHS England has invited communicators from other sustainability and transformation partnerships, Trusts and CCGs to take part in a webinar on 12 December based on our experience of Citizen-led Engagement and Insight in Surrey Heartlands and putting us on the national platform.

Engagement Strategy Lead Rich Stockley and NHS England’s Public Participation and Insight teams will present the webinar to share how Surrey Heartlands is approaching Citizen-led Engagement and Insight. The webinar will aim to show how Insight and engagement approaches can be brought together to put the citizen at the centre of service transformation. The agenda covers:

  • Using different engagement approaches, including deliberative social market research and co-production, to ensure both a breadth and depth of insight and engagement.
  • Approach and findings from Surrey Heartlands public engagement research: https://www.surreyheartlands.uk/download/631/
  • The roles and skills needed to undertake this approach

Already nationally recognised for its innovative approach, we continue to offer our population the opportunity to co-design health and social care service improvements through Citizen-led Engagement and Communications. We want to make sure residents, patients and staff have an opportunity to shape our plans and that we have a true understanding of what people feel is important.