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Our mental health virtual hub

There were over 1,100 visits to the Surrey Virtual Wellbeing Hub on Healthy Surrey in the first week after launch. Over 70 people expressed an interest in wellbeing sessions [...]

Supporting our BAME communities

In response to the recent events in America and the UK following the tragic death of George Floyd, Surrey Heartlands partners are taking a proactive and firm stance against systemic [...]

Restoration and recovery

As we have moved beyond the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to turn our attention towards restoration and recovery, recognising that we continue to look [...]

Driving Forward Innovation and Technology

One significant achievement over the past eight weeks has been the way that colleagues across the ICS have connected virtually and harnessed available technology to do this. The modifications [...]

Tackling Social Isolation

The impact of Covid 19 on mental health is a huge concern as citizens face fear, uncertainty, economic turmoil and isolation. Indeed emerging studies are already showing Covid-19’s detrimental [...]