The Academy curates a wide programme of events each year. Our Academy Forums are held eight times a year to bring transformation workstreams and Integrated Care Partnerships together to work collaboratively to address issues, facilitate training and development, and to be supported in setting clinical outcomes.  These have historically been smaller forums for the clinical and professional leads in our ICS transformation programmes. Increasingly these need to support the emergence of the new delivery partnerships in our system. A key focus for us is to understand how the Academy can provide added value directly linked to the objectives of the Integrated Care Partnerships, Primary Care Networks and any cross -system clinical transformation work streams. We will specifically explore this at our September forum.

Our Connection Conferences bring partners and stakeholders together both across Heartlands and also hosting visitors from other systems. The focus is to network and to build long term, productive relationships, to showcase both local and national best practice and innovation and to use learning to progress our ambitions.

We ran two Connections in the last quarter. The one in May focused on System Leadership in advance of the launch of our Surrey 500 system development programme. In July our Connection event was truly cross-system, focusing on Innovation and Data. We were delighted to welcome colleagues from Frimley, Dorset, Berkshire and the Midlands & Lancashire to share how they use data across teams for transformation work and how their population health management work is changing service delivery. This led to a speedy expression of interest to NHS England to become a Wave 2 site of a development programme on Population Health Management supporting Primary Care Networks. On the day, in summary:

  • Alex Barnett, Head of Analytics at Frimley ICS, spoke about system outcomes and how every decision we make has an impact on patient care.
  • Trudy Mills, Director of Children and Family Health Surrey, and Alessandra Denotti, Surrey County Council Public Health Analyst, shared how the Surrey Heartlands Surrey Office of Data Analytics (SODA) Hackathons have brought analysts and decision makers together to co-create data visualisations to support what we know collectively as a system to directly support our ambitions to make a generational step change in outcomes for children.
  • Colleagues from Dorset shared their experiences from the NHS England Population Health development programme (Wave 1), and their journey so far. Said North Dorset GP Simone Yule: “We all know that one size of treatment doesn’t fit all, and this programme is about looking at the intelligent segmentation of patients.”
  • Continuing this theme, West Berkshire Operations Director Katie Summers also spoke of their involvement in this programme, including the lessons they’ve learned. She said: “Our population expects us to work as a single system using our collective resource, and information to deliver care that is organised and tailored around people, not services or organisations. The data and expertise we have in our system allows us to move from a reactive system to a pro-active one, preventing crisis and actively managing it in a holistic way, rather than picking up the pieces afterwards – developing our Population Health Management capability is a key enabler to this.”
  • Lucy Hawkins and Karen Bradley from the Midlands & Lancashire Strategy Unit shared the support programme they had put in place to improve Population Health Management practice in the Midlands. “We fundamentally believe that better evidence equals better decisions which equals better outcomes. This is not all about data; human factors can limit practice so alongside technical elements we wanted to address leadership, ways of thinking and culture” said Karen.
  • Julie Fisher, Senior Responsible Officer for the Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record Exemplar, and Markus Bolton, Chief Executive Officer for Graphnet, presented an update on our digital transformation journey and how Graphnet are providing a platform that will enable shared patient records, mobilised data and citizen empowerment.

Our special guest for the day was Dominic Hardy, Director of Primary Care and System Transformation for NHS England, who spoke about how his work is around enabling improvement and taking barriers out of the way. “It takes time to build relationships and trust,” he said.  

Said Mark Hamilton: “It was great to have Dominic with us to see and share some of the work we’ve completed as a system.”

Forthcoming events:
Academy Forum on Mental Health Transformation work, Chertsey – 11th September 2019
Academy Forum on Primary Care Networks, Guildford – 9th October 2019
Academy Connection Conference, Woking – 13th November 2019

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