Our strategy

“Supporting our residents and patients to live healthy and independent lives, receiving high quality and accessible care when they need, is at the core of everything we do. We are under no illusion about the challenges we face; increasing financial pressure, rising demand and growing health inequalities to name a few.

Clearly there is much to do. However, this strategy provides a real opportunity to create positive change which will impact generations to come. Through working together, we can harness our skills, drive efficiencies, think innovatively and creatively and build a sustainable health and care system for the future.”

Dr Claire Fuller – Senior Responsible Officer Surrey Heartlands Health & Care Partnership

Our strategy is our ambition as an Integrated Care System

This strategy describes our ambition as an Integrated Care System and demonstrates alignment between different programmes of work. We recognise this will be constantly evolving and intend to update this document in autumn 2019.

Surrey Heartlands is a partnership of local health and care organisations with a single shared vision and collective enduring purpose to take stewardship of the health and care system in Surrey Heartlands.

We know that by integrating (‘joining-up’) local services, moving decision-making from a national to a local level through our devolution agreement and working in collaboration with local people, we can achieve much greater benefits for our community and improve the financial sustainability of our system.

We have identified our strategic priorities, reflecting the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Surrey and the NHS Long Term Plan, and these are described in section 3b.

This strategy describes how we will develop as an Integrated Care System to deliver this plan. We will work much more collaboratively, both as a system and across our local Integrated Care Partnerships. We will give greater emphasis to prevention, early intervention, and tackling the wider determinants of health.

We have established an ICS Development Programme and as part of this have been:

  • Thinking about which services should be planned across larger areas (the Surrey Heartlands geography, across the county or beyond), and those that are better delivered at a more local level;
  • Looking at how we might be able to collaborate across a number of key support functions, exploring where there might be potential benefits in working together either across Surrey Heartlands, or at a more local level;
  • Designing our ‘system architecture’ to support robust governance and decision-making; and,
  • Considering what quality means in our system and agreeing quality standards that can be applied across Surrey Heartlands.

We will be implementing this strategy in line with our agreed values and behaviours and with clinical and professional input at the forefront.